International Rock Day: from Sumo to U2, the origin of the names of groups that revolutionized music


A July 13, 1985 the “Live help, a charity concert to fight hunger in Africa which has gone down in history because of the caliber of artists who have passed through it. Since Madonna until David Bowie, Passing by Queen, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and many musicians of the highest level. Here the International rock day, which is celebrated every July 13.

The name of a rock band is not something that should go unnoticed far from it. Many groups have gone down in history by name and by message they want to give, while the others They seek to differentiate themselves through their ingenuity, style and creativity.

The language learning app “discuss”, Produced a glossary which analyzes how the names of groups that have gone down in history international rock, and other musical groups that have left their mark on the national level.

The Beatles

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison They searched for the name of the mythical group a pun. Inspired by ‘Buddy Holly & The Crickets’, the four British boys also sought the double meaning between music and insects.

Beetles“In English means”beetles», But the four young British they decided to replace the second “e” with an “a” to refer to the word “Beat” (Rhythm in English) and thus defined as “The Beatles”.

The rolling stones

In this case, the creation of a name is not done by a play on words but in a kind of tribute to a song. Although for years it was thought that it might be related to the single “Like a rolling stone” from Bob dylan, it turned out to be a piece of information false.

The name originated when they found out that a magazine needed the band’s name to advertise one of their concerts. They could not think of any and, to get away, tThey took the one from a Muddy Waters song, whose disc was on the ground: “The Blues of the Rolling Stones”.


The name of the mythical British group did not initially have the meaning that was given to it later, but ultimately the search for Freddie mercury and the business was controversial. The meaning is associated with the name of a head of state or a pejorative way to mention a homosexual. It was even linked to “weirdWhich in English is used to designate something strange, ambiguous.

The detail is that at the beginning did not convince all members of the group because of the different cheerful connotations that the word implied for the public, but ultimately left its mark in the history of rocky.

Led Zeppelin

Another case of rock word play. According to the account “discuss“, jimmy page shared drinks with the drummer and bassist of WHO and the name of the group It was born out of a joke that he would fail.

Hence the term “Zeppelin“Which refers to a airship With drive (drive In English). In short, they meant that the group was going to fall like lead, But Page thought the Americans were going to get confused and decided to remove the “a” from “lead”.


This case is very special because the name was not chosen by any musician of the group. Steve Averill, designer of the group’s album covers, is the one who put a stamp on the Irish band. It seems the name at first didn’t convince the band members, who then got carried away by him. rapid growth in awareness.

What is U2 used for? He has two: the first refers to the American spy plane shot down by the Russians the days of Bono’s birth and the second is the play on words which represents “you too”, which means “you too” In English.

Stereo Soda

A case similar to that of The Beatles with a rather peculiar play on words. In a garage of Belgrano where they repeated Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, the first had several soda siphons Drago brand. The first part was already there, it only remained to relate it to the music.

In turn, friends who visited the trinom that made history, said the music they made was sparkling like the sodas he kept. Cerati. The music play came through the stereo, and from there was born Stereo Soda.

The grandparents of nothing

They constitute a unique case in the history of national and international rock. Why? The group already had a name before establishing itself as such. History says that Miguel grandfather accompanied his friend Pipo Lernoud to the CBS record company and producer, at the time Ben MolarHe asked if he had a group.

Without hesitation, Miguel said yes and the first thing that came to his mind was a phrase that a character from “The banquet of Severo Arcángelo”, tale of Leopold Marshal: “Father of lice, grandfather of nowhere.” From that day, “Los Abuelos de la Nada” were born.


It was in February 1982 when Luca Prodan and the company locked themselves in an apartment and decided they weren’t going to leave it until they had a group name. The proposal was absolutely democratic: the name with the most votes was the winner.

Luca Prodan, british drummer Stephanie Nuttal, Germán Daffunchio, Alejandro Sokol and the manager Timmy Mac Kern they offered their options and won Sumo, which has a double meaning. On the one hand refers to the Japanese wrestling sport, but is also associated with something supreme.


Diego Rodriguez, better known as Adrian Dárgelos, were others among the many who have forged their names through a pun rather peculiar that they unite a guru with a cartoon.

This is because Babasónicos was born from a mix between the guru Sai Baba and the series of the 60s “The Jetsons”.

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