Unfortunately, most people entering adult life, starting a family or moving to other cities, looking for a flat or a house, must start by visiting a bank and applying for a loan. The loan for apartment (and in virtually every location) is terrifying – it ties with the bank for many years, and the amount of interest is even terrifying. Often this is the only way.

What is worth knowing about a loan for an apartment?

What is worth knowing about a loan for an apartment?

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Creditworthiness without secrets

Creditworthiness is the key word when applying for a home loan. What is meant by this term? We explain! Creditworthiness is nothing but a safe financial situation of the borrower, which allows for monthly repayment of the debt. Credit capacity is not only calculated by the bank. You can do it yourself without leaving your home – for example, on the bank’s website.

Talking to a credit counselor – what should you know?

Are you preparing to visit the bank? Are you talking about a loan? Check what questions can be asked and what answers are worth preparing!

To determine creditworthiness, a bank employee needs the following information:

First, on income – you will need to provide the amount of net monthly remuneration and show the type of contract on the basis of which you receive your salary.

Secondly, about expenses – including, first of all, loans or credits already repaid. A question will be asked about credit cards or limits on personal accounts. The banker will also ask you for fixed monthly expenses – so make a list so you don’t miss anything.

Thirdly, about the size of the household – it will ask about the current marital status and the number of people we have dependent.

Finally, for the planned loan – both the amount we want to borrow from the bank and the period to be covered by the loan, as well as the amount of own contribution.

Own contribution – can this point be bypassed?

Loans for housing are also associated with the notion of own contribution . And rightly so. Stable financial situation is unfortunately not everything. Currently, loans for an apartment are granted only for a part of the amount needed to buy and renovate your own four corners. What money are we talking about? In accordance with applicable regulations, own contribution is an amount corresponding to at least 20%. property values. Note – in practice, in some banks, however, it is possible to circumvent these provisions and take out a loan of up to 90% of the investment.

Loan? Take it without problems!

Loan? Take it without problems!

Do you dream of your own place on earth? Do you already have a flat you have chosen? Come to us and get a loan for an apartment. What makes us different on the market? Customer approach and required documents. All you need is a certificate from your place of employment. At the client’s request, we obtain the appropriate document ourselves. We care about your time, minimizing formalities. Note – in some cases, we only need a statement of income! Their list is on our website – visit the appropriate tab!

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