Leasing – we’ve all heard the word at least once in our lives. Hardly anyone knows what it involves. We therefore propose the simplest and most accurate definition of the term.

Leasing Good Finance, leasing Kolbuszowa – leasing regardless of your location – it is nothing but the rental of a car fleet, agricultural machinery, office equipment, production machines, generally items subject to daily operation by the leasing company.

Leasing not only for those with long experience in business


The public is convinced that Kolbuszowa leasing (and in other locations) is a service available only to those who have been conducting business activity for many years and achieve considerable success on their market.

This is a myth! A new entrepreneur – a small business owner or even a doctor – can also choose to lease! Usually, simply submit your company’s registration documents and make the initial payment.

Agreement? To negotiate!

It is not true that a leasing contract cannot be negotiated. This is a trade agreement that, like all others, can be changed before signing by prior discussion. What is worth remembering when starting negotiations? You should try to get the most favorable records regarding: the amount of the initial rent, use of additional services or additional bonuses.

Where leasing can’t, there … Good Finance company loan will send!


A great alternative to the leases described briefly is the Good Finance company loan in other locations. What are the differences between these two solutions? The loan allows free financing of long-term investments, while leasing is great for short-term investments.

By using the services of our company, you can count on receiving money for any purpose, without invoices or material collateral. For most enterprises, we grant loans up to 500,000. PLN for 60 months, while maintaining the cost of lending at a lower level than many banks.

Leasing Good Finance as a chance for the development of your company


Your business must earn – it’s obvious. Nobody sets up a business for a location or a flow of emotion. For the development of the company, which will bring not only recognition on the market, but also the desired profits, all necessary items and equipment are needed. Professional service builds your positive image and credibility in the eyes of the customer.

If you are wondering how to raise capital for a car, machinery or furniture, contact us using the form available on the main page of our company.

We will provide you with all the details about Good Finance leasing and Good Finance company loan . You will receive from us professional advice on what type of financing will be the best for the planned investment.

Details of our support for small and large enterprises can be found here: Good Finance / credit-company-leasing /.

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